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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Houses with odd shapes, unique, and antique, Unique House - house is a place for us to live in with the family, shelter, and where we rest, what would happen if the house is not like the shape of the house in general? Houses with a unique shape and antiques, will certainly make you are wondering how can ya house shaped like this, well as what are the unique shape of the house and antique it, let's just look at this:

1. Home amid the sea

Houses with odd shapes, unique, and antique

The house is antique because in the middle of the sea, the house known as the house name Clingstone where this house is built on a rock in the sea Rhode Island. This house has three floors (3 floors) and has 23 booths 65 pieces of casement and 10 bedrooms.

2. House on a tree

Houses with odd shapes, unique, and antique

The tree house we often hear, but usually the tree house was designed so small and only for a place to play or shelter only, but this one house has the size of a home-like habitation in general. Here are pictures of houses built on top of the tree

3. House in order on the wood beams

Houses with odd shapes, unique, and antique

This house is very unique because it is composed of wooden beams and has the form of a beautiful arrangement, the usual wooden beams arranged in a vertical position in the fox by designer house with horizontal arrangement and in order with the shape of a unique but cool.
An antique house with wooden beams arrangement

4. Home fairy tale

The house that looks like a house located in the ancient dongen story. Fairytale house with simple furnishings, fireplace for heating homes body shapes and materials that are selected dongen similar to the story when we were kids.

5. House upside down

Houses with odd shapes, unique, and antique

The house usually has the upper floors below and above, what happens when it overturned? This is an unusual design of the house because the house has a roof below and above the floor. Obviously room house is not used optimally biased, because the concept used is not a vast space and can be used up, but the unique concept to create the house upside down and has artistic value in itself.

6. Curved home

Houses with odd shapes, unique, and antique

The house is usually built with straight walls and flat, will keep this house has walls that form an odd, because the flat is not particularly straight, wavy or just look at the shape we often call Curved said. Yes indeed Curved shape but the results that we see is this house is unique and lovely.

Beberapa desain rumah diatas adalah sebuah informasi secara visual yang dapat digunakan untuk mengembangkan pemikiran lebih kreatif, dan merangsang diri lebih inspiratif dalam hidup dan untuk memiliki rumah yang nyaman anda harus tau tentang diri anda sendiri.

Hanya blogger biasa yang suka berkelana di dunia maya mencari seonggok informasi yang kiranya dapat berguna untuk dirinya. Terimakasih telah membacanya.

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