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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Fat bike is unique bike, Fat bike is unique bikeYou want to know better about "Fat bike" and what makes this Fat bike so unique,
Fat bike initially grow and develop Alaska, North America very famous with extreme temperatures and snow. Fat bike also known as snow bike, this bike was designed and is specifically designed to pass through fields of snow and ice. The suspension is not so important at this bike, because in areas of snow, tire size and rim width is most good.

What makes Fat bike is very different with other bike?

Fat bike is unique bike

Great bike tire size 3.8 to 5 inches, in order to improve traction so it is not slippery and prevent tires disappear when passing through snowy road
Some Fat bike wearing a fork with 135mm wide which allows us to remove or exchange the freewheel in emergencies
The volume of tire air pressure can be set at the lowest point to 7 psi to improve bicycle tire traction on the track surface
The bike is now very popular. In 2012 alone, the demand for this type of bike has increased very sharply in the United States, even many bike shops complained about the lack of stock. Brand Manager QBC which is one of the bike manufacturers who manufacture bicycle Fat Bike with Surly and Salsa brand say demand Fat bike until 2012 has exceeded production capacity. This bike full price ranges between $ 1500 to $ 5000 depending on the type of frame and components. Surly and Salsa addition, several bicycle company also sells frames and full bike to bike Fat among others Chain Reactions Cycle, Hanebrink, Fatback, DeSalvo Custom.

Now Fat bike is not only used in the snow, but also in the sand even for biking trail and downhill. Now we can find a variety of community activities Fat bike riders include adventure, race, assemble and so forth in the world.

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